NCR Personas 90e Clear Window Decal – 5″ x 6.565″


Precision cut for a perfect fit. These decals are guaranteed to fit exactly in the clear window on the lefthand side of the NCR Personas 90e ATM Machine. Sized at 5″ wide and 6.565″ tall, this is the perfect size for compliance information like fee notices or network affiliations. Alternatively, it is also a great size for a small advertisement. Keep your customers in the know about current specials and offers from your bank.

Like all of our decals, these can be created out of our exclusive Rhino Hide product or from the glossier Kraken Bond. You will be happy with either choice.

A $25 artwork setup fee will be added at checkout. This fee will be waived for any reorders.

Artwork setup fee will be waived on reorders.
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Available in Rhino Hide or Kraken Bond.

Rhino Hide is our proprietary vinyl product that features a UV coating for protection from the sun, a matte finish to cut down on glare in outdoor applications, a rugged finish that withstands scratches and tearing better than any other product on the market today, and adhesive that is unparalleled for durability and its ability to stick to almost any surface.

Kraken Bond is a great choice for indoor applications. It also features a UV coating (so don’t worry if your ATM is near a window!), the same fantastic adhesive as our Rhino Hide, and a smooth glossy finish.

No matter your choice, we promise you will be satisfied with the results.

Additional information

Weight .075 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 1 in